Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Im very busy this week with like tests and stuff and gonna go skiing during the weekend soooooo i wont open any lessons! =[ so sorry about that. but ill open again starting march!

gonna miss talking to you guys! Thanks!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hej Hej!

Hey!!! back back back...
its nice to know students from Rare job read this blog... at times though i may speak natural / write natural, i hope you guys wont get offended... it does not mean any disrespect or bad intention... it is just me... being natural... at times i swear (here) but never on lessons... ;P
so... just wanna make sure no one gets offended ok? Thanks! see yah!

Thursday, January 26, 2012



back home in Sweden so.... gonna open regular scheds again! =]

Friday, December 30, 2011

Travel Time!!!

Hey you guys!

Gonna be traveling to Manila 3rd till 26th of January - so... im not gonna have open slots for almost three weeks =[
I guess ill try to check if i can put in an hour or two - but - - - i dont think so, since its hard to get a reliable internet connection in Philippines - plus gonna be traveling also - gonna check out different islands :P
omg, beaches!!! yeiyyyy after like - minus degrees here is like heaven <3

- Just wanted to update you guys about that - cause i dont want you to think that i stopped =]

ill be opening slots again, last days of January =]

Talk to you guys soon!





First i would like to introduce myself - i'm Maria Karenina, call me maria, or karen - either one is good =]

I created this blog because of Rare job, i started Rare job three weeks ago, and so far, i have made friends - and would like to continue that friendship.

To my "students" (it's weird cause i dont really think of you guys as students =] - more of like - friends to be =] ) who has become friends of sorts - this is an update - of what im doing and stuff - and why i dont have much open slots - or maybe im gonna be traveling - or doing all sorts of stuff - just so you guys wont think that i stopped rare job or something.

A friend of mine (in Philippines) knew that i want to visit Japan - and is the 2nd on my list of countries to visit (first one is Brazil) (third one is Cuba ;P) - and she knew about this rare job thing, and she's like - why not talk to japanese people so youd know more about them, their culture and stuff before you go there - as well as earn extra and use your english (im fluent in english but learning swedish at the same time has apparently affected my english skills - - - weird....) so im like, this sounds great - doing things on my own schedule plus earning extra and learning stuff about the country i want to visit!!!

soooooooo - there - a short background.
Oh PS: i live in Sweden now... so... but i grew up in Philippines... =]